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New Accounting Course On YouTube Channel

Greetings, I would link to share with the cyberworld my new course which will be posted on my YouTube Channel, "The Bottom Line Lectures." This course titled, "Accounting Basics with QuickBooks Online", is designed to teach the basics of Accounting so you can understand how to use QuickBooks...


Accounting Services vs. Tax Preparation Services

Since I embarked on the the accounting business, one of the most common questions I am asked is if I do income taxes. Now my website and my pamphlet clearly state my services and tax preparation isn't one of them. My other services are overlooked simply because some small business owners think...


QuickBooks Online and Your Accountant

Adding an accounting user to your QuickBooks Online portal can reduce the number of inconsistencies in your QuickBooks Online Data. Accountant users are an important facet of QuickBooks Online because an accountant user can remotely monitor your books to ensure that transactions are recorded...